Cognitive Psychology : Advances And Application




As per SPPU, M.A. Psychology 1st year , Semester I and II, AY 2020-21 onwards – Paper – Cognitive Psychology : Advances And Application


Objectives and learning outcomes:
1. To understand the advances in cognitive psychology
2. To study the application of cognitive psychology in different fields

 Course Contents:

Unit-1: Advance in Cognitive Psychology- I

1.1. Definition and Nature: Consciousness
1.2. Definition and Nature: Critical Thinking
1.3. Definition and Nature: Neuro-psychology
1.4. Conceptual Understanding: Meta-cognition
1.5. Application : Brain Assessment Tools : CT Scan, MRI, fMRI, PET Scan

Unit-2: Advances in Cognitive Psychology-II

2.1. Thought and Language
2.2. Sex Differences and Cognitive Abilities
2.3. IQ, EQ and Creative Thinking
2.4. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Cognitive Phenomenon
2.5. Application: Develop Critical Thinking

Unit-3: Applications of Cognitive Psychology- I

3.1. Application in Clinical Psychology : Brain and Behavior Problems
3.2. Application in Clinical Psychology: Psychotherapies
3.3. Application in Education Psychology: (i) Child development (ii) Learning styles
3.4. Application in Education Psychology: (i) Forgetting (ii) Moral development
3.5. Application: Cognitive Stages of Development and Teaching methods/techniques

Unit-4: Applications of Cognitive Psychology- II

4.1. Application in Forensic Psychology : (i) Cognitive interview (ii) Lie Detector
4.2. Application in Forensic Psychology: (iii) Eyewitness testimony (iv) Face Recognition
4.3. Application in Computer Science: Memory Models and Computer Science
4.4. Application in Computer Science : Information processing, SDT
4.5. Application: Identity Kit


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11 बोरुडेआर.आर) .२००५ (बोधननक मानसशास्र ,छाया प्रकाशन
12. िरत देसाई आणण शोिना अभ्यंकर) २००७ (प्रायोगिक मानसशास्र आणण संशोधन पद्धती ,नरेंद्र प्रकाशन ,पुणे

Note : Relevant and recent research articles will be referred in text preparation.