Health Psychology (G2)

Savitribai Phule Pune University

SYBA Psychology Syllabus (CBCS 2019 Pattern) 



SEC- 1A: Health Psychology (G2)

Learning Outcomes: After the completion of this course students will be able to:
1: Understand health psychology and arrive at the introduction to the role of psychology in health.
2: Understand the nature of stress and coping
3: Understand various factors related to health and diseases.
4: Understand quality of life and promoting the good health.

Unit-I: An Introduction to Health Psychology (12)

1- Health Psychology – Definitions, Nature, Aims
2- Biopsychosocial Model of Health
3- Psychology’s Role in HealthProblems in the HealthCare System, ‘‘The Person’’ in Health and Illness, How the Role of Psychology Emerged and Progress in Health Psychology’s Goals.
4- Application: The Need of Health Psychology- Changing Patterns of Illness, Expanded Health Care Services, Increased Medical Acceptance

Unit-II: Stress and Coping (11)

1- Stress – Definitions, Nature & Types
2- Sources of Stress – (Sources within the Person, Sources in the Family & Sources in the Community and Society)
3- Responding to Stress (Physiological, Emotional & Behavioural Response)
4- Coping Behaviour – Problem Focused coping (Ellis’s rational thinking, Positive reinterpretation & Humor as a stress reducer) & Emotion Focused Coping (Using systematic problem solving, using time more effectively & improving self-control)

Unit-III: Chronic Health Problems and Its Management (11)

1- Personal Issues in Chronic Health Disorders – The Physical Self, Achieving Self, Social Self & Private Self
2- Emotional Responses to Chronic Health Disorders – Denial, Anxiety & Depression
3- Major Chronic Health Problems- Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Cancer, Type II Diabetes & AIDS
4- Application: Psychological Interventions for Chronic Health Disorders (Pharmacological Interventions, Individual Therapy, Social Support Interventions and Relaxation, Stress Management after COVID-19)

Unit-IV: Primary Prevention & Health Promotion (11)

1- Quality of life and Health Behaviour Changing Health Habits & Health Beliefs (Attitude change & Placebo Effect)
2- Health Compromising Behaviours (Characteristics) – Obesity, Smoking & Drinking.
3- Developmental, Gender, and Sociocultural Factors in Health – Development and Health, Gender and Health, Sociocultural Factors and Health
4- Health Promoting Behaviours – Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Rest, Vaccination and Screening, Accident prevention

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