V. Biological and Cognitive Psychology Studies

Studies in psychology, have always been deeply interlinked with progress in other fields, such as neurology, anthropology etc. As a result, a lot of classical experiments that are of importance to psychologists today are found in fields located at the intersections of psychology with various subjects, such as Neuropsychology, Neurocognitive Psychology, Ethology, etc. Accordingly, the last section of this series features experiments from the field of Biological and Cognitive Psychology.

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In this section, the experiments we’ll be seeing are:
25) Nikoolas Tinbergen: Instinct
26) Spalding, Lorenz and Hess: Imprinting
27) Tversky and Kahneman: Framing Effect
28) Brenda Milner: The Case of HM
29) Oliver Sacks: The Case of Clive Wearing

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