Developmental Psychology

As per Nowrosjee Wadia College &

Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU),

SYBA Psychology Syllabus (CBCS 2019 Pattern) 

Semester 3 


DSE-2A : Developmental Psychology

Unit- I: Introduction to Lifespan Development

1- The Life-Span Perspective: The Importance of Studying Life- Span Development, Characteristics of the Life-Span Perspective, Some Contemporary Concerns
2- The Nature of Development: Biological, Cognitive, and Socio emotional Processes, Periods of Development, The Significance of Age, Developmental Issues
3- Theories of Development: Psychoanalytic Theories, Cognitive Theories, Behavioral and Social Cognitive Theories, Ethological Theory, Ecological Theory, Eclectic Theoretical Orientation
4-Research in Life-Span Development: Methods for Collecting Data, Research Designs, Time Span of Research.

Unit- II: Biological Beginnings & Prenatal Development

1- Genetic foundation of Development: The Collaborative Genes, Genes and Chromosomes, Genetic Principles, Chromosomal and Gene linked Abnormalities
2- Heredity and Environment interaction: The nature × Nurture Debate.

3- a) The Teratology and Hazards to prenatal Development
    b) Reproductive Challenges and Choices
4- The Course of Prenatal Development and Birth Process
5- Assessing the Newborn

Unit – III: Infancy

1- Physical growth and development in infancy
2- Motor, Sensory and Perceptual DevelopmentCognitive Development
3- a) Piaget’s Theory of Infant Development
    b) Learning, Remembering, and Conceptualizing
4- Language Development

Unit-IV: Early Childhood

1- Physical changes, Cognitive Changes
2- a) Piaget’s preoperational stages
    b) Vygotsky’s Theory
3- The Self, Emotional and Moral Development
4- Families, Peer relations and Play


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