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Who We Are

Careershodh is a team of psychologists, counsellors, educators and students, working under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Balaji Niwlikar. Founded in 2018, Careershodh was formed when Balaji sir was inspired to help students find a career suited to their capabilities, using the psychological training he and his peers had received. The name Careershodh is a reflection of our motives: a quest (shodh) to find the right course of life (career) for the betterment of society.

What we offer

In keeping with our goals, we offer free career counselling aided by psychological tests to help students understand the personality and interests, and measure their abilities. Careershodh offers a number of standard psychometric tests for free (like our personality test, mental health test, etc.) Along with these, we also offer discipline-specific notes for various fields in Psychology. To help students of psychology, these notes are aided with additional MCQ tests for better retention.

Our Team

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