Notes for POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY as per  SPPU, Psychology Syllabus SYBA (CBCS Pattern) From AY 2020-21


CC/SEC-1B : Positive Psychology

Unit-I: Meaning, Definition and Nature of Positive Psychology (12)

1. Definitions and Nature of Positive Psychology.
2. Traditional Psychology, Assumptions and Goals of Positive Psychology.
3. Fields of Positive Psychology.
4. The Nun study: Living longer with positive emotions.

Unit-II: Happiness and the Facts of Life (11)

1. Psychology of well-being. Positive affect and Meaningful Life
2. Subjective Well-being: Hedonic basis of happiness.
3. Self-Realization: The Eudaimonic basis of happiness
4. Happiness Across the Life Span, Gender and happiness, Marriage and happiness, other facts of life.

Unit-III: Positive Emotions, Wellbeing and Resilience (11)

1. What are positive emotions? The Broaden and Build Theory of Positive Emotions.
2. Positive Emotions and Health Resources: Physical, Psychological and Social Resources.
3. Positive emotions & well-being, Flow experiences and Savoring.
4. What is resilience? Perspectives of Resilience, Resilience Research, Growth through Trauma.

Unit-IV: Personal Goals, Positive Traits and Life above Zero. (11)

1. What are personal goals? The Search for Universal Human Motives, Materialism and its discontents.
2. What makes a trait positive? Personality, Emotions and Biology.
3. Positive beliefs, Virtue and Strengths of Character.
4. Logotherapy: Basic concepts, Contours of positive life: Meaning and Means, Mindfulness and Well-being.

Books for Positive Psychology :

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