Theoretical Strategies

I . Deductive Strategies

—To determine the meaning of a test response by using reason and deductive logic.

I.logical content approach

II.Theoretical strategy

Theoretical strategy

ØIt  begins with a theory about the nature of the particular characteristic to be measured.

ØItems must be consistent with the theory.

ØIf the theory hypothesizes that personality can be broken down into 5 major areas, then developers strive to create items that tap each of these 5 areas.

ØIt demand that every item in a scale is related to the characteristic being measured.

ØThus, the theoretical approach attempts to create a homogeneous scale.

—To avoid the potential disagreement and biases that stem from factor analytic app

—And  to guide the construction of structured personality tests,

—To measure the variables or constructs specified by a major theory of personality or hypothesis.

—predictions are made about the nature of the scale; if the predictions hold up, then the scale is supported.

Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI)

self-concept inventories

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