Practice Psychology MCQS -Forgetting

Welcome to your Practice Psychology MCQS -Forgetting

Let us see how well do you know about forgetting.

Raven has just finished learning a list of nonsense words given to her by her psychology instructor as part of a class activity. She had 100 percent recall at the end of class. According to Ebbinghaus’s curve of forgetting, how quickly will Raven likely forget about 40 percent of the information she has just learned?

Collin is asked to repeat what his mother just told him. He says he “forgot” but in reality Collin wasn’t paying attention to his mother at all. This is an example of the __________ explanation of forgetting.

Richa spent a year living abroad in Germany. During that time, her ability to read and speak German grew tremendously. However, now, two years later, Richa feels she can no longer travel there because she can barely remember a thing. Her problem is most likely due to

Where does retrieval failure occur?

In LTM, decay is called ................

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