Job Descriptive Index (JDI)

Job Descriptive Index (JDI)

The JDI was developed by Smith, Kendall, and Hulin (1969).

Smith, Kendall, and Hulin (1969) defined job satisfaction as “the feelings a worker has about his job” .

Commonly Used Standard Inventories for measuring job satisfaction.

It consists of a series of job-related adjectives and statements that are rated by employees.

The scales yield scores on five dimensions of job satisfaction Index:

    1. Supervision
    2. Pay
    3. Promotional opportunities
    4. Coworkers
    5. The work itself

Job Descriptive Index (JDI) Instrument 

72-item instrument -Each scale-  JDI-coworkerJDI-payJDI-promotionJDI-supervisorJDI-work, includes a checklist of adjectives or adjective phrases, and respondents are asked to fill the blank beside each item as follows: “Y” (agreement), “N” (disagreement), and “?” (cannot decide).

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