MCQ of SPPU by Careershodh

MCQ of SPPU by Careershodh

It is one of the simplest methods to test the understanding of the student.

MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) are objective questions. It will be either correct or incorrect. And for the correct answer, you will be getting full marks. The question will be having 3/4/5 options and we need to choose one correct answer.

Unlike descriptive answer writing, MCQ will be asking a precise piece of information, which is most crucial for that concept.


You need to have a thorough understanding of the concept. If you don’t have the exact information you will be choosing the wrong answer and losing marks eventually.

If you have a negative marking system to solve MCQ. You need to careful while selecting an answer. Negative marking system means the marks that the student obtains in the examination would be deducted for each wrong answer provided by the candidate. Penalty for every wrong answer.

Example– for every wrong answer, 25% or 1/4th of the answer’s marks will be deducted from the total marks scored by the student.

If you do not have negative marking system to solve MCQ. You Are Lucky!! You must solve all MCQ questions.

The biggest constrain will be the time limit. You have to solve MCQ in the given time limit. For that, you should have a good Knowledgebase of that subject and you should have enough practice of solving MCQ.


Good news is that in MCQ they need to provide you the right answer in option. What else we need. Therefore, you do not have to mug up everything and recall & remember all the facts. You just have to recognize the correct option.

1.How to study for MCQ Exams

    • MCQ Exams is a test of recall and recognize  the student not other studying technique.
    • So while studying, focus more on recall. Read the subject matter and recall it.
    • Recall is just remembering.
    • You will be better in recall with practice.

2.Study the subject thoroughly to solve MCQ

This will help us to get the information going into long-term memory so you can recognise correct options while solving MCQ.

3. Elimination Method to solve MCQ

The most important method to solve MCQ. Without knowing the right answer you can still choose the correct answer and score well.

It is not choosing the right Answer. It is eliminating the wrong options. Even if you don’t know the correct option. You just need to eliminate irrelevant options, illogical options, extreme options so that you will eventually selecting the right answer.

Extreme options are like when they are using statements and words-

      • All human being drinks wine.
      • None of the above
      • Every one

  1. Think examiners point of view to solve MCQ

    • Understand his mindset.
    • Try to be in his shoes.
    • Try to think about how can he set a trap to lead you to the wrong answer.
  1. How to handle negative emotions while solving MCQ in the exam hall

    • The exam is going to create tension.
    • Time constrain is going to create stress on you.
    • Uncertainty of, which question is going to appear in the exam is going to increase pressure,
    • The anticipation of difficulty question is going to create anxiety.

Tension, Stress, Pressure and Anxiety all these are negative emotions. These negative emotions limit your scope of thinking as per Barbara Fredrickson empirical research.

To overcome these negative emotions. And increase the concentration and focus attention is much needed to solve MCQ. You need to do the following acts in the exam hall.

    1. You need to take a few deep breaths. Therefore, it will carry more oxygen to your brain and brain will function better.
    2. Eat chocolates.- This will give you instant energy and the brain will function better.
    3. Drink the right amount of water-This will keep blood circulation better and brain will function better.

Just Breath In and Breath out!!




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