Free career counselling and guidance

Aim of is to provide free career counselling and guidance to students. The free career counselling and guidance will be given on the basis of students’ personality, competencies and interest. Then we will create a personality profile and give suitable career options to students based on scientific standard psychological tests. The career counselling is crucial for every student. If the student chooses wrong career option, then he will suffer mentally and physically. Not only the student but his/her family and society will also suffer. Ultimately as a nation, we will lose very dynamic human resource stored in every student. We are here to help students to identify their passion, strengths and provide them each and every important information for selecting a right career option. will provide notes for different subjects. Free books for students, inspiration articles and videos, ground zero reality from professionals who are currently working in the field and we also provide a free & fair platform for students to ask questions. It will help students to search (shodh) precisely most suitable career option.

We will be providing free services to colleges, hostels and other institutions to share their notices on our website. It will help students to access information on mobile instantly. We will be providing notices, selection list, waiting lists and cut off marks of colleges and hostels to students under notification section. It will save student’s time (most important aspect of life) and money. After visiting , students and their parents will not be worry about rushing to colleges hostels, to just check their names mentioned on notice board.

On anyone can solve and get results of  standard IQ tests, Personality tests, Mental health tests, etc. for free. Use this opportunity for yourself and share this valuable information to all others, so we can help them out for free. We will be coming with other new services for you. All will be communicated to you very soon. Thank you!

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