IV. Social Psychology Studies

As depicted by the landmark Doll Test experiments, Developmental Psychology Studies gave valuable insights into the functioning and effects of human society. A field that delved deeper into the effects of the various aspects of social life and the presence (real or perceived) of other people, across all ages, is Social Psychology. Accordingly, this segment marks the transition from Developmental Psychology Studies to Social Psychology Studies.

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In this section, we’ll be seeing the following experiments and studies:
18) Kurt Lewin: Leadership Studies
19) Solomon Asch: Conformity
20) Muzafer Sherif: The Robbers Cave Experiment
21) Festinger and Carlsmith: Cognitive Dissonance
22) Stanley Milgram: Obedience
23) Philip Zimbardo: The Stanford Prison Experiment
24) Darley and Latane: The Case of Kitty Genovese (Bystander Effect)

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