Webinar on Psychology Careers post Covid-19 for undergraduates



Hello Everyone,

Ikigai Psychological Services organizing a webinar on “Psychology Careers post Covid-19 for undergraduates” with the aim to acquaint students with upcoming trends and go beyond the traditional career options.

‘Ikigai Psychological Services’ is a joint initiative by versatile psychologists Balaji Niwlikar, Sailee Modak and Shalaka Kelkar, with the aim of bridging the gap between textbook theories and real-world skills.
‘Ikigai’ means a reason for being, having a purpose or direction in life. This makes a person’s life worth living and towards which an individual takes spontaneous, willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning in life.
Therefore, They have the goals of transcending and enhancing knowledge by delivering quality skills to students, for the upcoming trends in the field by providing services like psychological assessment, counselling & therapy, guidance on research, and other digital services.

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Registration form- https://forms.gle/9nag4pY5KUk8HXi99

Team Ikigai, Pune
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