self concept inventories

Self-concept inventories

—Self concept— the set of assumptions a person has about himself or herself.

—what you believe to be true about yourself will strongly affect your behavior.

—If you believe you are honest, then you will tend to act in conformity with this belief.

—If u believe u r superman/superwoman…

—Several adjective checklists have been developed to evaluate self-concept.

  • ¡Gough’s Adjective Checklist, -contains 300 adjectives in alphabetical order (Gough & Heilbrun, 1980).
  • ¡The Piers-Harris Children’s Self-Concept Scale– Second Edition contains 80 self-statements (e.g.,“I like my looks”) and requires a “Yes” or “No” response (Piers, Harris, &Herzberg, 1999).
  • ¡Beyond checklists, the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale–2 edition is a formal paper-and-pencil test that is designed to measure self-concept data (Fitts & Warren, 1996).


—According to Rogers,  the self is organized to remain consistent.

—New experiences that are consistent with a person’s self-concept are easily integrated; experiences that are inconsistent with the self-concept tend to be denied or distorted.

—To evaluate self-concept, Rogers uses a Q-Sort technique,

—A  person receives a set of cards with appropriate self-statements ( “I am a good person.” )

—The individual then sorts the cards in piles from least to most personally descriptive. The person is asked to make two sorts of cards.

—The first describes who the person really is (real self).

— The second describes what the person believes he or she should be (ideal self).

—Rogers’s theory predicts that large discrepancies between the real and ideal selves reflect poor adjustment and low self-esteem (Rogers, 1961).

—According to Rogers, everyone strives to reach an “ideal self”.

—Rogers also hypothesized that psychologically healthy people actively move away from roles created by others’ expectations, and instead look within themselves for validation.




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