Functions of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

According to Argyris (1976): following are the traditional functions of industrial psychologists –

    1.  Selection and testing
    2. Personnel development: training, performance appraisal, attitude measurement,
      employee counselling, career planning
    3. Human engineering: Equipment and product design
    4. Productivity study: worker fatigue, monotony, absenteeism, physical aspects of
      work environment, for e.g. lighting and temperature
    5.  Human relations: relations between supervisor and subordinates, and of labour
      union to management
    6. Others: marketing research, accidents and safety, etc.

The recent development of a few more functions has been identified in the field of industrial-Organizational Psychology by Argyris (1976)-

    • A focus on description and prediction from individual differences, with little
      regard to the processes of human behaviour within organisations;
    •  A focus on selection and placement without extending it to development at
      either organisational or individual levels;
    •  Research methods (being experimental, precise, objective and too rigorous)
      resulting in the alienation of subjects

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