1) Wundt, Titchener and James: The Foundations

First, the founder of experimental psychology, Wilhelm Wundt. Wundt established the first psychology laboratory in the world, in 1879, at the University of Leipzig, Germany, which is largely accepted as the start of experimental psychology.

A student of Wundt, Edward Titchener was the first proponent of “structuralism”, which seeked to understand the mind by its structure. Titchener later taught at Cornell University, in the US.

The following images show Wundt in his laboratory with some students:


Below are two newspaper clippings from 1904 and 1912 respectively, taken from a German Newspaper of the time called Illustrirte Zeitung:

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Another psychologist who contributed greatly to the advancement of psychology as a field was William James. Credited as the father of American psychology, James was the first to teach a course in psychology in the United States.
As you’ll notice further on in the series, a large chunk of researchers in the field of psychology come from the United States.

The following images show, respectively, a photograph of William James signed by him, most likely in the cover of a book, and two newspaper clippings from The Atlantic Monthly, from 1899, discussing the material taught by James at Harvard at the time:

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