II. Studies Driven by the Behaviourist School

Some of the earliest and most influential experiments in psychology were aided with the availability of video recording technology. Following the Structuralistic, Functionalistic Psychoanalytic and Gestalt schools of thought came one that made psychology more scientific and experimental, by emphasis on the observable implications of the mind, i.e. behaviour. Thus, psychology was mainly driven in the 1920s by the Behaviourist school.

Accordingly, this section consists of Studies Driven by the Behaviourist School, as follows:

4) Ivan Pavlov: Classical Conditioning

5) John Watson: The Little Albert Experiment

6) B. F. Skinner: Operant Conditioning

7) E. Thorndike: The Puzzle Box Experiment

8) Miller and Hart: Motivation and Reward in Learning

9) O. H. Mowrer: Social Behavior in Rats

10) John Garcia: Taste Aversion

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