Atkinson’s Theory of Motivation

Atkinson’s Theory of Motivation

John Atkinson gave the theory of achievement motivation (n Ach).

Based on McClelland’s ideas.that is need foe achievement, need for power and need for affiliaction.

According to Atkinson, motivation is a function of two factors –

1.Hope for SuccessWhile Hope for Success motivates us to perform certain behaviours.

2 Fear of Failure Fear of Failure prevents us from performing some behaviours.

These two opposing forces work together in determining the probability of motivational behaviours.

Atkinson three formulae for motivation 

  1. Ts = Ms x Ps x Is
    • Ts = Hope for Success,
    • Ms = Relatively permanent personality traits,
    • Ps = Subjective estimate of probability of success,
    • Is = Incentive value associated with success

2. Taf = Maf x Pf x If

    • Taf = Fear of Failure,
    • Maf = Relatively permanent personality traits,
    • Pf = Subjective estimate of probability of failure,
    • If = Shame/ embarrassment associated with failure

3. Mtot = Ts + (-Taf)

    • Mtot = Total Motivation,
    • Ts = Hope for Success,
    • Taf = Fear of Failure

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